The Daemon Status Web Service

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Provides information about the current state of the LOCKSS daemon. <p />In many ways, it provides the same data that is shown in the Daemon Status pages of the LOCKSS Daemon Administration web interface.



The Daemon Status web service WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file, an XML file that describes the functionality of a web service, can be obtained from the LOCKSS web application; if the application is running on port 80 of localhost, the URL


will display the WSDL file of the Daemon Status web service.

The WSDL file is particularly useful to automatically generate client stubs and other artifacts.

For Java, two tools that are widely available are wsimport and wsdl2java.

For Python, there is wsdl2py.


Below are example web service clients that provide the name and publisher of archival units that are not available from the publisher and were created on or after April 2, 2013, written in the following languages: