Minutes 01062015

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  • Daniel Vargas & Clay Miller from LOCKSS discussed several storage configurations that have been deployed to varying degrees in the GLN and in the PLNs (including USB disks, JBODs, NAS/SAN, and Cloud instances)
    • Daniel discussed the pluses and minuses and potential uses cases of each approach and agreed to document the details on the PLN wiki over the next month
    • Aaron Trehub (ADPNet) said the info was very helpful and timely for their network and some of the upgrades they are exploring
    • Matt Schultz (MetaArchive) agreed and mentioned MetaArchive's revised storage specifications
  • The group discussed the related issue of hardware refresh and data migration
    • MetaArchive has gone through previous rounds of hardware refresh and migration and can contribute generalized documentation to the PLN wiki in the next couple of months
    • Clay Miller (LOCKSS) explained his process for assisting with hardware refreshes and data migrations - particularly with MetaArchive and CLOCKSS
    • Matt clarified with Tom Lipkis (LOCKSS) whether the voting/polling history migrated with all of the archival units during a data migration - Tom confirmed this and said that there is also a Reputation Transfer parameter that can be set for the network to govern this assurance
  • For the February call:
    • Review any documentation mentioned above that gets added to the PLN wiki
    • Discuss organizational planning for PLNs - per Ranti Junus's request in late 2014
    • Discuss plans for 2015 annual in-person PLN meeting - in Vancouver?