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LOCKSS Feature Unofficial Wish List

LOCKSS is open source and is easily compiled on Eclipse or directly with Ant (Linux, modifications necessary if not CentOS). However, for the repository to retain full trust and authenticity the official RPM should be used.

LOCKSS Sources

Feature Wish List

File Validation

File Validation of publisher content previous to final commit in the storage system would be a nice optional feature. Placing hash files with publisher staged content seems to be the easiest method.

Expanded RDBMS Support

DBManager.java, SubscriptionMananger.java and MetadataManager.java could benefit from greater support to non-embedded RDBMS. PostgreSQL is supported since 1.62.

It appears MySQL will be supported starting 1.65

Per-AU Publisher Alert

Include an optional alert facility (via AU definition) to request remote nodes to send publisher email notifications for crawl end reports and crawl errors. This will be particularly useful if pre-commit file validation is engaged.